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June 2nd
23 Wall Street
8pm Auction
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Dietary Laws Observed

Leket Israel.  The National Food Bank

This year Sensi6 has chosen to work with a wonderful organization called Leket Israel (www.leket.org), which is Israel's largest national food bank and food rescue organization.

Leket Israel serves over 290 nonprofit organizations caring for the elderly, unemployed, working poor, homeless, and underprivileged children of Israel. Leket provides food to some 55,000 needy Israelis (Muslim, Christian, and Jewish) on a daily basis. Some other salient statistics on the organization, its mandate and its success are outlined below:

• Every year, Leket Israel's staff and thousands of volunteers (over 50,000 annually) collect hundreds of thousands of meals and thousands of tons of agricultural produce and manufactured perishable items that would otherwise be discarded - from over 350 suppliers nationwide.

• Leket Israel coordinates a unique national food purchasing cooperative that lowers prices for nonprofit organizations by 25-30 percent through bulk buying.

• Leket Israel operates the only major agricultural gleaning project in Israel.

• Leket Israel provides monthly food packages to lone IDF soldiers and also supports African refugees living in Israel.

• Leket Israel promotes large scale food rescue in Israel by raising real awareness to the enormous problems of food waste.